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Live Events

A three-act event, live with a participating audience, interwined with performance art as well as in video for online consumption.

Creative Therapy

Ignite creativity in business, nonprofits, or government through expertly facilitated strategic conversations, designed to inspire new ideas

Collaborative Boomer-Millennial Training

Creative Planning

In this new era, the Strategic Plan is obsolete. The era isn’t moving to strategies. It’s dancing to ideas. Big ideas.

Creative Leadership

Inspire them. Build a team spirit. Change the culture. Create. Win. This is the methodology we teach and train our students, bringing these skills into their workplaces from Google to Netflix. Today's best leaders lead by imagination and creativity.

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Spark A Movement

Through our creative planning model, businesses and organizations learn how to develop models for vision, ideas and execution. Finally, we help build and spark a movement to mobilize long-term action and change.

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What is the red table?

The Red Table is 90-minute creative journey developing unprecedented solutions and big ideas for business and society. A blend of meaningful dialogue and human connection, The Red Table is a breakthrough vehicle for creative conversations that transform the status quo.

The minds behind The Red Table—We are a team of Boomers and Millennials, each one of us a successful business person and entrepreneur, all of us lecturers and graduates from the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism.

How It Works


Through this process, members of the table connect to others by discussing shared dreams, aspirations, and goals. The search for human commonality emerges from their disparate threads of thinking.


Let it fly, no holds barred. From chaos comes real creativity. We facilitate the group through a dynamic session of conflict management and exploration.


In the final act, we reach the creative action moment for a new big idea. Together, we create the catalyst for change, evolving an idea towards resolution and possibility.

“1 in 4 people feel they do not live up to their creative potential”

Join us, let’s get creative

Who sits at the red table?


Adjunct Lecturer

Author and Speaker


Master in Public Diplomacy

Business Design Consultant


Master In Communication

Digital Hollywood Strategist


Diversity is key to empowering a dynamic discussion. We explore and invite unique perspectives to dive into three acts of transformational dialogue.


Brian Erickson


"The Red Table lead us through the constructs and very quickly all parties were sharing insights and obstacles to working together. The entire room was engaged in the process. And when we broke into groups, we were able to realize 10-12 meaningful actions that could increase ROI for both sides of the table."

Heather Cota

Bank of America

"I loved the energy of the program. Wexler and his colleagues kept us moving, thinking, focused--challenging us with fresh perspective on what the group was bubbling up. Fast, fun, thought-provoking and productive. We are already implementing ideas that came out of our workshop. A definite value-add exercise for any organization."

Rhonda Glasscock

Toyota Motor Sales

"The interaction and excitement...it was great to have the generations so engaged with one another."

Kris Drummond

Special Olympics Southern California

"The Red Table provided a unique collaborative opportunity for our staff and corporate partners to identify ways to support not only our mission but our corporate partners’ goals as well. The team-interaction of tension, commonality and creativity led to actual fundraising ideas that motivated both. The resulting bonus was the development of a closer relationship with some of our greatest supporters. Kudos to Gary and team!"

The Experience

The Atmosphere

Artistic. Creative. Relevant. Challenging. Tense. Humorous. Meaningful. Energizing. Human.

The Sounds

Committed, passionate voices at the table. An event intertwined with multi-dimensional visual and performance art.

The Challenge

Listen to one another. Hear. Collaborate. And create as a group.

The Results

The participants and audience collaborate to create a big idea that can solve a business problem or begin a path to societal change.

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Join us, let’s get creative
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